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[23 Aug 2009|02:18am]
6 days away from my due date. I feel like she's never gonna come out. Hurry please, kendra. I'm over being a whale in august.
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We had our Anatomy Scan today and..... [21 Apr 2009|08:17pm]
It's a GIRL!!!!
The lil peanut in my tummy finally has a name :)

Lil Miss Kendra Grace :)

Kendra GraceCollapse )

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[19 Mar 2009|12:42pm]
I am officially Mrs. Turpin! haha weird.
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Official Baby Name Poll! [07 Feb 2009|09:22am]
For all of you who helped us out before, we made an official baby name poll if its a boy, and we added a few more! Go and Vote! We appreciate all your help!

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[05 Feb 2009|09:05pm]
Ok Livejournal Friends!
My husband and I need your help! We don't know the sex of the baby yet, but I'm psychotic about having two set names just incase. We picked out our girls name, Isabela Marie Turpin, but cannot decide between three different boys names.
We decided to post it on here, where noone really knows us, so we could take a non biased poll!
Please help us out and take your pick. Thanks everyone!


1) Steven Kenneth Turpin, Jr.
2) Brayden Kenneth Turpin
3) Ace Kenneth Turpin
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[02 Jan 2009|10:44am]
Being pregnant, even for only these past 7 weeks or so, has been the hardest, most emotional thing ever!

Please keep me in your thoughts. Or my baby, in your thoughts. We need it!
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[30 Sep 2008|06:58pm]
O my gosh, wedding in 5 months....
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183 days... [12 Sep 2008|11:17am]
Until the most important day of my life. I can't wait. I want it to be here already!
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[19 Aug 2008|12:27pm]
I need peoples addresses for wedding invitations!!!
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its been awhile... [08 Aug 2008|08:14am]
[ mood | loved ]

Since I wrote in here. A lot of things have changed. In March I will be getting married, becoming a stepmother, and moving up north. This past year has been amazing and I can't believe how time is flying! I have been to California and seen some of the most beautiful places ever! My grandmother passed away last week and we just got back from Ohio. I finished school and am waiting on my liscence and in the mean time, working full time for my dad. Our pit bull is eight months old already and we are looking for a playmate for her. I love my little family and its weird to think how mic things have changed. I made some great new friends. Got rid of some of the old negative all about themselves friends. Ha ha. I'm very happy with things. I only hope the rest of my life is this good.

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[11 Nov 2007|04:10pm]

Life is just so unfair sometimes.
I don't even have words to describe what i feel right now.
At one point in my life, she and I were so close, and up until the tanning salon closed, we were becoming close again.
You never think these things are going to happen. And they happen to such good people. 
So young. Not fair.
Everyone stay safe. please.
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[12 Oct 2007|11:15pm]
 It's odd to me how guys work sometimes.
I'm starting to figure it out though.
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[26 Sep 2007|11:11am]
if anyone knows of anywhere i can get a job, let me know, please.
my last two jobs fucking closed. my luck is so shitty.
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[15 Sep 2007|06:45pm]


I love my job.

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[13 Sep 2007|08:56pm]
Anyone and everyone in the cape coral, fort myers area! come to les hair tomorrow on santa barbara and get 5 dollars off!!!!!!!!
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[08 Aug 2007|10:07pm]
Only 142 days!  until I meet eva's baby boy, and my first nephew, AIDEN DOUGLAS RAENERT!

Only 138! days until I meet Natasha's babygirl, and my first Niece, AVAH!

Only a month and 15 days until our 6 MONTHS!

One day until Jacksonville!
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[06 Aug 2007|08:15am]

You know you really are in love with someone, when you change your whole life for them.
Jacksonville Friday.
The End.

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[25 Jul 2007|05:50pm]
does anyone know who's screen name this is? thesethings1526
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[22 Jul 2007|08:45pm]

December 15th
Philly, New Jersey and New York City.
My boyfriend and I have decided to save our money
and spend christmas up north. It means something
to the both of us. Tomorrow is four months.
Its flying by, but it feels like I've known him forever.

Greyhound bus to Nashville=89$
I may be doing that soon as well.

Simpsons movie in 5 days.
I have now obtained 9 of the 20 seasons of the simpsons ;)

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[20 Jul 2007|09:15pm]

anyone want to lend me 400 dollars so i can go to nashville?
jeez. everythingisoverpriced!

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